The International Committee for the Banner of Peace

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International Committee of the Banner of Peace

  (NGO - UN )



  “ We build peace together



Currently we live in a world full of aggression, disrespect, lack of dignity and loss of values. In other words, we have lost our origin and true path.

In order to accomplish, from different frames of thought and vibration, the desired unity of minds which experiment true peace, not only the external peace, but the one that starts in the heart of a human being integrated in its physical and spiritual world, we propose unity in diversity.



The great russian painter Nicolas Roerich, author of over 7500 paintings, thought that in order to unify all people through peace, a unique world flag was necessary. He accomplished this throughout the Roerich Pact signed by all countries in America on April 15, 1935 in the White House. It was ratified by the League of Nations, forerunner of the United Nations (UN).



For the flag, he took an arcane symbol which appeared in the planet over nine thousand years ago, in the Palaeolithic Period and was found printed in Mongolian stones. We can also find the symbol in ceramics from the Neolithic Period.




The Peace Flag was delivered by Phd. Alicia Rodríguez, President of the International Peace Flag Committee, a non governmental organization of the United Nations, and nominee for the Nobel Price for Peace in 1997. She found her mission in life by becoming the bearer of the Peace Flag and transmitter of its principles around the world.



Coahuila received the Peace Flag at the beginning of 2002. The program “Together we build peace” was born there as part of the program for encouraging values, in coordination with DIF and SEP (Secretary of Public Education) in Coahuila. This program seeks to obtain a culture of peace as a result of a change in attitude regarding the problem of violence in all its expressions and that we experience on an everyday basis.



All those who join in to this Project will help with the formation of the foundations of our families, our society, our state, our country and our world. Therefore, if we fulfill the principles, mission and objectives of the International Peace Flag, we will be the agents of change that will lead to a non-violent culture for us all. It will lead to a culture of peace which we all desperately need.




To accomplish a culture of peace through children, that emerges as a change in attitude toward the problem of violence in all its expressions and that we experience on an everyday basis.




  •  Each week, a child at school or in a classroom will be elected to build peace between his/her classmates.

He/she will distinguish her/himself with a badge worn over her/his heart

• He or she will be the mediator and protector of peace

•  He or she is in charge of the pacific relationship between all his or her schoolmates

•  He or she solves problems and promotes harmony




By means of the “Together we build peace” programme, the child becomes a mediator in conflicts and promotes peace, not only in the classroom or school, but also between friends and family. With this, the message spreads out to his or her parents, reflects directly on our society and changes violence for Peace.



Coahuila is the State in which the program “Together we build peace” started in Mexico.

There are over 400 traveling flags and these will continue being placed until each one of the 1400 schools has one.



Peace culture through children.



On behalf of our children,

  we must transform ourselves into a Peace Flag!




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