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The Peace Banner for the first time in Africa
Fez city-Morocco-july 7th-2012



Although the young African countries did not sign the Roerich Pact in 1935 because some of them did not exist yet as Countries, but as Colonies, they are paying attention now to the important work that is being done by the International Committee for the Peace Banner, founded by the great artist, Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947).


Several African universities took the first step by requesting the Peace Banner for their institutions. This will be incorporated to the International Committee's programs.


The Universities are:

• L'Université Intercontinental Libre

• L'EuroAmerican International University

• La Fondation EuroAfricaine pour la recherché, la Culture et l'Education

Sup Management


These cultural institutions were the first in Africa to receive the Peace Banner and unanimously decided to give the name of Alicia Rodriguez to the 2012 generation, and to award her, as President of the International Committee, with the Humanitarian Merit Medal for her 26 years of selfless work for the Culture of Peace.


The Governor of Fez, Mr. Mohammed Dardouri, presided over the event.


The best pupil of the 2012 generation was very moved upon receiving the diploma, presented by Alicia, while 1,000 students shouted with joy.


The presentation of the Peace Banner by Dr. Rodriguez was the grand opening for this very important event, causing the surprise and admiration of many, among them, the great Prince of Ukrania, Mijael Karatchevsky, who after awarding the medal to Alicia Rodriguez, openly said that when she was walking to present the Peace Banner to the president of the universities group, PhD. Abdesselam Erkik, she was guarded by two illuminated beings……


Translators; Carolyn Kinsman & Dr. Alicia Rodriguez





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