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The Banner of Peace was received in a solemn and moving Ceremony on January 20, 2015 at the  Headquarters of the 8 campuses of Contemporary University of the Americas in the colonial city of Morelia in Mexico. Through this Ceremony the Educational Institution demonstrated commitment to the important idea of  Banner of Peace and received it with joy, honor and respect.
In front of a crowded attendance and  with the participation of the Educational Authorities, the President of the International Committee delivered the Monumental Banner of Peace and seven other  Banners to the Directors of all campuses, existing  in the UCLA in the State of Michoacan.
We share here the excitement and feelings of our Directors:
"The delivery of the Banner of  Peace  to UCLA, took us to different dimensions. For us it was a reminder to have more congruence between what we think, say and do."
The teacher Martha Patricia Jimenez Martinez, Director of UCLA Morelia said:
"I have lived a new experience of a very positive way. I have come to the thought of doing my best in order to be able to touch the heart of every person, surrounding me, and to carry the Banner of Peace in my whole being.
YatziriAnyely, Director of UCLA inHuetamo :
“I felt a strange force, which seemed to have  anchoredme to the floor. I perceived a lot of energy in my hands, while carrying the Banner, as if my forces joined the spiritual forces of the other Directors. When Dr. Alicia Rodriguez gave her message of peace, I felt a shiver of excitement throughout the body."
That’s what the teacher Marcela Garcia, Campus Director of UCLA Uruapan said:
"I was a guest of honor at the Ceremony, and it was the best Ceremony in my life. I was thrilled to see that my life should take a different course. "
Lic. Laureano Aguilera Zaragoza, Director of UCLA in Acambaro:
"The light of Dr. Alicia Rodriguez at the moment of hoisting the  MonumentalBanner of Peace  touched the soul of all the people, present here."
Miguel Angel Mondragón Raya expressed his feelings:
"... Tears  come from my heart, tears make me  to change my attitude to things."
Fulvio Eduardo CárdenaPumián, the 7th semester Student of administration:
"The delivery of the Banner of  Peace to UCLA, has been kept in my heart, it was  amazing to see so many happy faces and tears of happiness, that made the union of our energies succeed in an unprecedented event in the history of this University. The Banner of Peace was imprinted in my heart. I'll never be the same and accept the commitment to become Banner of Peace myself. "

Here are  the words of Sergio Aguilar Orozco:
"We will work honorably with our 1500 students in our community to promote the program "We Build Peace Together "and the ideas of the illustrious Nicholas Roerich. The message of harmony will live with enthusiasm in our thoughts, words and actions, so that this project will belike the soul of every activity of our University. "

Public Accountant Juana Zuniga Gonzalez, Rector of the Contemporary   University of the Americas





20 DE ENERO DE 2015


1.- Plantel Morelia  Rectora C,P. Juana González Zúñiga.

2. Plantel Morelia: Directora Mtra. Martha Patricia Jiménez Martínez. 

3. Plantel Maravatío: Director  Lic. Omar Sánchez Soto. 

4. Plantel Huetamo: Directora  Lic Yatzyry Angely De la Paz García. 

5. Plantel Apatzingán: Directora  Lic. Jacaranda Gómez Rueda. 

6. Plantel Zitácuaro: Directora Lic.  Joaquina Jordán Hernández. 

7. Plantel Uruapan: Directora Lic .Marcela Campos García. 

8. Plantel Acámbaro:  Director Lic. Laureano Aguilera Zaragoza.





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