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How not to come to the call of the Banner of Peace?

Tlaxcala, the cradle of the nation, as it is named, recently became the place, where representatives of some Institutions from various parts of the country met. They were from the State of Mexico, Veracruz, Puebla, Chihuahua, Monterrey, Irapuato and the Federal District. This Event was  a call to our spirit and we had a deep desire to receive the sacred symbol, it filled us with joy and we went to the Ceremonywhich had remained etched in our souls forever.
For us the delivery of the Banner of Peace in Tlaxcala really was a wonderful experience. We felt that we are becoming the people, who advocate the change, so necessary to our beloved Earth. Frankly speaking I did not know before about the large scope of the work that Dr. Alicia Rodriguez has been doing in different places. We are deeply grateful for what we were able to share and that we have joined this blessed work.
There are things,requiring a lot of work, and  the fact of receiving the Banner of Peace, is an extraencouragement for us to understand how very important it is to continue the struggle for peace, the idea, we have been longing for so long.
Be an agent of Peace in the smallest and insignificant events and moments and then these peaceful actions will become a natural style of life for you.
The awakening of consciousness gives us the guideline to live in peace, and the daily true sense of brotherhood  helps us to develop perfectly  in the field of daily life.It leads us to a diversity of thoughts and to the philosophy of service to humanity, especially in this time of deep crisis. The act of giving brings us to the nature and to everything that surrounds us. It was specially mentioned how important it is to start  in  childhood, so  it is a duty of parents to do so that all together we, as co-creators will bring better times for this Planet.

Carlos Sánchez Ortiz







1.- H. Ayuntamiento Constitucional de Tlaxcala. Presidente Municipal Lic. Adolfo Escobar Jardinez.
2.- Directora de Educación de las Chiapas, Veracruz.
3.- MRP de Cholula de Rivadavía Puebla.
4.- Nodo DEEP de México.
5.- Colegio Guanajuato para el Desarrollo.
6.- Centro Cultural Loyola de Monterrey Fundación para la Reconciliación.
7.- Educadores para la Paz Chihuahua.
8.- Grupo de Luz de Amor Universal.
9.- MRP Grupo Juvenil Panamericano de Puebla.
10.- Jardín de Niños José Vasconcelos Cd. Juárez Chihuahua.
11.-MRP de Ciudad San Fernando.
12.- MRP de Tierra Blanca, Veracruz.
13.- Presidencia Municipal de Irapuato.
14.- Comité Educando para la Paz.
15.- Asociación de Mujeres del Altiplano. Apizaco.
16.- Colegio Catarina de San Juan.
17.- Escuela Yoliztli de Cholula A.C.
18.- Escuela de Beisbol Linces.
19.- Kinder Andes Lomas.
20.- Colegio Guillermo Valle.
21.- Instituto Independencia Nivel Primaria, Secundaria y Preparatoria
22.- Colegio Simón Bolívar de América.
23.- Colegio San Francisco.
24.- Instituto Isaac Newton.
25.- Instituto Noyola.
26.- Escuela Secundaria General Presidente Benito Juárez.
27.- Escuela Primaria Emperador Cuauhtémoc.
28.- Escuela Primaria Miguel Guridi y Alcocer.
29.- Escuela Primaria Gabriela Mistral.
30.- Instituto de Ciencias Universitarias Mundial ICUMC.
31.- Congreso del Estado de Tlaxcala.
32.- Lic. Emilio Treviño Andrade Consejero de la Judicatura.
33.- Consejo Técnico de organizaciones de Participación Ciudadana A.C.
34.- Proyecto Ciudadano del Municipio de Panotla.





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