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Belukha .  Photo by Vyacheslav Izrastsov


Alicia Rodriguez, the world famous actress played in 27 films and many TV series she got 14 awards as the best TV actress of Mexico. But her main activity during the last 27years is her selfless work on spreading all over the Planet the symbol of Culture, Banner of Peace and the ideas of Roerich's Pact on cultural heritage of the world significance.

Dr. Alicia Rodriguez is the President of the International Committee for the Banner of Peace within UN. All the members of this Committee are volunteers, working without being paid. Dr. Alicia Rodriguez presents Banners of Peace to governments and Presidents of different countries, to cultural, social and educational institutions, to the religious organizations as a token of their peace making activity's recognition. More than 3000 Banners of Peace were presented by her all over the planet.


Alicia Rodriguez was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for her peace making activity. She was the first woman in Mexico and Spain to be nominated for this prize.

Her two books “Find your mission” and “Transform yourself into the Banner of Peace” have become bestsellers. She got Doctor degree in Spanish literature.

Alicia Rodriguez has been four times to Altai: in 1990, 2005, 2008 and in summer 2014.In 1990 she participated in the International Conference “Altai-Himalayas” and she hang Banner of Peace at the foot of the sacred Mountain Belukha.

We came to know each other at first on the virtual level through Internet, and after the Conference “Spiritual heritage of the Roerich´s family in modern context” in Barnaul, March 23-24. 2013 I put my piece of reporting with photos, devoted to Alicia in social network Facebook.

In the Regional Library where the Conference took place there was an Exhibition with copies of Roerich's paintings, and next to the pictures they exhibited Banner of Peace. Due to the fact that Alicia was my friend in Facebook (although of course, ”a friend” in social network is quite a relevant notion, for we know about each other only from the information there)-so, when she saw the photos, she wrote to me with a question “ Who are you and where are you from?”.

She was very glad to learn that I am engineer from Barnaul , because she planned to go to Altai, but had lost all her connections and asked me to restore them. For this purpose I sent her e-mail addresses of our State Museum of history, literature, art and culture (SMHLAC) of Altai, of the Siberian Roerich Society in Novosibirsk and the Roerich Society “Belovodye” in Biysk. And since then we started our personal communication through Internet. When Alicia arrived in Barnaul airport on June 29, 2013 we met each other already as real friends. By the way, she had arrived quite alone without being accompanied, and this is really a special deed of hers. Our group consisted of five friends-followers of Roerich movement and Ksenya, a nice woman Alicia stayed with.


Meeting Alicia in Barnaul  
At the SMHLAC Museum in Barnaul . Dasha Mikhailova-a translator

Alicia Rodriguez stayed in Altai from June 29 up to July 27 2013.She believes, it was a miracle that the visit took place at all, for the dark forces put obstacles in the process of getting visa to Russia. Russian Ambassadors in Mexico and Spain together helped her in it, and she ended up with getting her visa as a present.

There were three big meetings with people in Altai: the first one: on June 30 in Biysk in Roerich Society “Belovodye” and the other took place on July 15 in the village Chendek, Ust-Koksa region. The meeting was held in the Center of Creativity during the Summer meetings of like-minded people. The third meeting happened on July 26 in Barnaul at SMHLAC.


At the meeting in “Belovodye”. The translator is next to Alicia to the left and Svetlana Sapoleva-to the right  
At Biysk   Roerich Society “Belowodye”

At every meeting in Altai the film about Alicia's 27years mission on presenting Banner of Peace with her comments was shown. In the film people saw a woman, the great writer Emma Godoy,who had been paralysed for many years and had to use a wheel chair. At the presentation of the first Banner of Peace 27 years ago that woman stood up when Alicia Rodriguez reached her and after touching the Banner the woman became completely cured. After that she lived the life of a healthy person.

Alicia told us that at the beginning of her mission people used to say that she wouldn't be able to do anything without money. And by some miracle money would always come. She has been to many regions of the planet, but never had problems with money, accommodations or tickets.

She told us that while working for a big TV Company of Mexico, whose news broadcasting is watched daily by one hundred million of people at a time, she managed to make Banner of Peace a logo during the News program. Then she thought to herself that it was good when one hundred million of people see Banner of Peace every day, but it would be better if people of the whole planet could see it. It took her three months of talks to get a permission to hang Banner of Peace at the Central stadium of Mexico along with other banners during the World football championship. People of the whole Planet saw Mega Banner of Peace during the TV transmission, at the same time.


Meeting people in Chendek   village

At the meetings in Chendek they showed an interesting film about presentation of Banner of Peace by Alicia Rodriguez to the government and the people of Queretaro State in Mexico in 2010.It was a real sacred Ceremony, when 45000people stood hand in hand passing the Banner of Peace from one to another up to the summit of the sacred mountain Bernal (2000meters high).

Alicia shared with us her story about presenting Banner of Peace to His Holyness Dalai Lama 14, who told her about his great respect to Nikolai Roerich and that he is aware of his incarnation as a Tibetan Lama. Dalai Lama 14 expressed his very respectful attitude to the sacred symbol of Banner of Peace.

Looking back, Alicia wonders herself how she managed to accomplish so much during these 27 years.


With a group of folk singing

At the meetings with people in Chendek Alicia said that her mission is to spread the ideas of the sacred Banner of Peace all over the world. It means that, she is doing planetary mission and she was inspired for this mission by the Great Teachers. Only here in Altai for the first time she uttered their names: Master Morya and her Teacher Nikolai Roerich, who have chosen her.

Before her mission 27 years ago she had never even heard these names. Alicia Rodriguez unites spiritual leaders, rulers of the countries and simple people all over the Planet with the fire of her heart and with the Banner of Peace.

In 2014, which was proclaimed as the year of Culture,-she would be officially given an opportunity to hang Banner of Peace in Russia.


The International Committee Banner of Peace is doing a great social work, they have provided three hundred thousands of children with the Program “We build peace together”. The main idea of the Program is reflected in the slogan: “Be Banner of Peace!” The transforming effect of the Banner of Peace on spiritual, physical and psychical health is being underlined in the Program.

Alicia said that her world popularity as an actress makes for a success of her mission. When she comes to different places people meet her as a dear person.

When Alicia Rodriguez speaks at some big Organizations like UN, she tries to speak not from mind but with her inner fire-the fire of heart, and her talk always reaches hearts of other people in spite of the fact they belong to different nations, have different ideas, speak different languages. All the people understand the language of heart.

Alicia said at the meetings that she is not young, but meditation has helped her to be young and healthy.

She believes that soon she has to pass her mission to someone. She believes that it probably be a woman, although it could be a man as well. The needed person has to have “the key, and she needs to see the key to recognize his identity. She believes that the right person has to be prepared to continue the great mission.


A gift from Buryatiya Buddhist

Fyodor Putintsev, the Buryatiya Buddhist, living now in Ust-Koksa village of Altai , participated in the restoration of Maitreya statue in St.Petersburg. After the restoration one fragment of the bracelet from the statue was not used, so he gave it to Alicia as a present.

Being in Altai as a guest Alicia Rodriguez appeared to be a simple, open and kind person. She communicated a lot with the local people. Afanasiy Gelich-an artist from the village Nizhniy Uimon depicted her in the picture, where she is riding the horse with all her striving with the Banner of Peace in her hand, and the standing Teachers are blessing her.

She looks very well for her age, and she shares the secrets of her good and young look, they are: meditation, the right way of thinking and a full accordance between words and thoughts as well as actions and words. When the way of thinking, words and actions are harmonized, then people preserve health and youth.

No doubts, that Alicia Rodriguez is a legendary person of the planetary significance, and her visits to Altai are like essential part of its history.

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