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Celebrating my 32 years of mission with the Banner of Peace around the World

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For me in 1986 March 21st, is the memorable day when I presented the first Peace Banner to Dr. Emma Godoy, representing all the old souls of Mexico. At the moment she received the Banner from my hands, she was miraculously cured of the paralysis she suffered; and she continued to walk for the rest of her days. I would never have been able to believe that I would continue working to strengthen the Culture of Peace for 32 years.

Years during which I have given my life, completely voluntarily, to the message of the illustrious iniciator of Peace, Nicholas Roerich, and to my beloved spiritual guides.

Today, in complete peace and with balanced joy, I have arrived in a sacred place, the Mayan ceremonial center in Palenque, to celebrate the anniversary of my mission. We were received with a flood of incense that perfumed the atmosphere, by our genteel collaborators in Chiapas, Mexico — the official traditional dancers here, accompanied by our coordinators in Tabasco, who have been able to incorporate our program, ”Together we construct Peace”, in 5,000 schools; and I will be involving 220 cultural institutions, in addition to the Secretaries of State in Tabasco. This is truly a titanic effort.

Over the years I have been privileged to deliver more than 4,000 Peace Banners in many countries: Mexico, the United States, Spain, Morroco, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Lithuania, and my beloved Russia.

More than 400 thousand students have been incorporated into our “Together we Build Peace” program, learning to be Peace Mediators; and above all, thousands of beings have achieved a desired change towards higher consciousness.

More than 100 million people have heard my message about Nicholas Roerich, the Peace Banner, and how to achieve a Culture of Peace, thanks to the television company for which I worked my entire life as an actress and which has worldwide coverage.

How many lifetimes would have been needed to achieve this?…Well, thanks to the path I have taken and the spiritual guidance, this has been achieved in just one lifetime — that which I still enjoy at such an advanced age.

From magical Palenque, we went to the city of Villa Hermosa in Tabasco, Mexico, where life granted me another great privilege: To raise the largest Peace Banner in the world…150 meters, with the Sacred Symbol of the Trinity, radiating peace to the planet, together with the 4,000 Peace antennas that I have had the privilege to deliver and that wrap around the World.

With humble, I THANK GOD. Alicia Rodríguez.

Translation from Spanish into English

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Dear Brothers:

It is with love that I share with you this letter written straight from the heart of Captain Vital Alsar who commanded the boat >Zamná — which in Mayan means “Father of the Gods” — carrying the Peace Banner that I presented him in Cozumel to the United States, Spain, Italy, Greece, and the Dominican Republic, then back to the beautiful island of Cozumel, which I had the great honor to name "ISLAND OF PEACE".



Beloved Alicia,

In my letters I communicate only that which I see and feel as related to the facts, and yours are FACTS!.

Observing each presentation of the Peace Banner in each place, I have calculated the countless hours and days, months, and years of your life that you have given for just this one thing: Peace.

What excellent work, dear friend, with the sole purpose that people can be happy and find their reason to be, here on this planet Earth.

Here in this world, they give NOBEL prizes even to those who kill or start “convenient” wars…

"YOUR NOBEL" is covered with the Light of Christ which blankets the Infinate Universe.

That horse that gallops at the speed of light, with your hair streaming in the wind, delineates your Nobel, your eternal Nobel; and from the infinite stars, the Beings of Light contemplate and cry out in great joy: THERE GALLOPS ALICIA AND OUR PEACE!

Vital Alsar

Boat Zamná with the Banner of Peacea


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